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You wish to get fit before holidays? Buy yourself a bike!

Spring is finally arrived and many of us are getting ideas for it. We are staying much more time outdoors, having barbecue with our colleagues or just having some cocktails. But for those, who better like to be more active in this season of year, the greatest idea would be travelling on the bike, we may use it as our mode of transportation to our job or school. Particularly, when we wish to loose some extra pounds, which we gained last winter. You don't have your own bike? You have to get one! You can buy older one or try modern application to design custom bicycles.

riding a bicycle
Author: Copper Kettle
There are plenty of departments where you might get it. When you do not have many of money, and you just need anything with two wheels, without some additional functions, you could go to a market with used stuffs. Most of the larger towns have one every week in Sunday. You will find there pretty ladies city bike with vintage look. Maybe your spokes will be a little rusted, but as long as it is cheap and working, who cares? If you like to get nice, new model, you must visit some local sport department. You will find there a lot of various models in another forms and prices. But get ready, that you could pay there at least several hundreds of zloty. If you aren't certain, what type of bicykle you like to have, you might ask a salesman. Because people who are working in places like that are very specialized in this subject.

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Also you could get totally different sort of cycle, by creating it by yourself.

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Nobody else will have the same one, it is sure. Few years ago in Poland, appeared corporations, which offers custom bicycles. You just must to go online, and choose one of websites dedicated to this. Then, you could create your own vehicle from the very beginning. You are selecting different parts of another labels, making whatever you wish. And don't be scared about final cost. During whole procedure, you are able to notice the increasing of your prize, so you just may choose cheaper element.

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Also, you could pick finished model, like ladies city bike for example, and change it as you like. Different color or frame, doesn't matter it is your call.

i want to ride my bicycle
Author: MSM Mońki
Source: MSM Mońki
Riding a bicycle it is many of fun. Of course, you may rent mens or ladies city bike, but it won't be the same. Depend on size of your wallet, you might buy a new vehicle in store, or locate vintage one in market. Last alternative is to use function that allows to create custom bicycles. It is your decision.


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